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Client Testimonials about NoNap

" I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel the other day but i had my anti sleep alarm on and it sounded so i pulled over and had a break. They are not that expensive and i got mine from NO NAP -- Karen Hill

I bought this device for my son to use while he is driving to college. The earpiece hangs on the ear easier than a Bluetooth. A sleep jerk of the head causes the device to sound an alarm. I wish this advice had been available when I was in school. -- Luis Cuatok

Driving back from Orlando Florida to New Jersey, I fell asleep while driving 70 mph on I95. I drifted from the middle lane and hit a tractor trailer which woke me up. It is an experience I will never forget. Had I been wearing the NO NAP this would have never happened. I purchased this product not only for myself but also for my two daughters. Anyone that is taking a long trip should wear this product. If I am feeling drowsy or tired I wear around town. This product is a must as many accidents and deaths are caused by drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Tony Paratore

seems to work well.Does what it's designed to do.Easy to use and adjust.Some items of this type did'nt get good reviews.This one did so I went with it.So far so good. Peter Bhatia

FOR THOSE WHO DOZE OFF, WHEN DRIVING, OR STUDYING, THE NONAP company is the solution. I have several, one for each car, one in my purse, and the beauty of this device is that the NONAP people include extra batteries with each device. The service is impeccable, interested in feedback, and, honoring that feedback/questions. The devices arrived with precision, were wrapped carefully. My former experience with another site had no address, no response, and PayPal had to intervene. If a site does not have a contact menu, nor a company phone number nor an address, be aware that the transaction will be rocky.

For those who suffer from sleep apnea, or who are going through stress and subject to dozing off, these devices are superb. No, I don't work for the company. I am a Jewish woman from Brooklyn, a writer of poetry."


The price is right,

the two- for-one enticing,

a sturdily made device,

NONAP offers great service.

Gina Vitolo

Writer Poet

St James New York


 "Yes, we received with thanks the 3 units of "No Nap". I had tried the unit in my office and it works fine. When I next drive on the road I will test it. I believed it should help anyone who has dozed off".
Best regards.

James Tay




 "I received the No Naps. What a GREAT product. You really should advertise as I feel it should be required of all highway drivers, especially truckers. I will be referring friends and relatives." Thanks."

Robert Devaney
Betty Tucker
Blood Systems, Inc
Information Technology
Training/Admin Coordinator




 "No Nap never fails to alert a dozing driver , compulsory for distance driving."

Robert Buckley




 "I use No Nap to study and for my ball room dance class I guess it helps dozing drivers too great!"

Robert Buckley
Ann Nodder




 "Awesome ! incredible the best safety product for distance driving."

Joanna Sammartino
Greenwich, CT 06831
United States




 "Inexpensive but of great value if you doze off can save your life."

Tony Alter




 "Simple engineering used very cleverly can prevent fatal crashes".

Keith Pinto




 "Yes, I did receive my device. Thank you so much for sending it, it is wonderful!! I love that you sent batteries and a little case with it."

Robert Devaney
Kensington, MD 20895
United States




 "About three months back i had purchased No nap . On 10th April I and my family were going for a holiday to Dheradun by car on reaching Rorkee we were very exhausted of the journey and our destination was about two and half hours . I had put on No nap . I dont know when i started to doze off suddenly the no nap alarm buzzer went off i immediately braked and parked the car on the side . I and my wife were scared of what had happened and once back to our senses thought about No nap which had saved all our families life . We thank you for introducing such a useful product and i would recommend this to all who travel by road."

Awdesh Mishra
Rahat International,
Bhagwanpur Near BHU




 "Opinion about your product No Nap. We are pleased to inform you that your product No nap driving alert due to dozing off is a very useful product . It is being used in all our 80 trucks . We thank you very much for introducing this safety product with excellent intention to reduce accidents."

Suguna poultry farm ltd
college road, Hoskote




 "Well am happy to note that I am one of the first users of No Nap, well I have used it many time since the purchase as I go to my factory in Silvasa 2 times a week, the product is good and I have found it useful."

Mr. Jagat




 "This is a really good idea. Driving while sleep-deprived (and this isn't limited only to those who drive late at night or are aware of feeling drowsy - it can mean anyone with a sleep deficit and many people may not be fully aware of this) is the equivalent of driving drunk. If you have teens who are resistant to the idea of using a device like this because they insist they're "fine" or think they can keep themselves awake with music and fresh air, tell them about micro-sleeps. Micro-sleeping is a brief lapse in consciousness, generally lasting only a couple of seconds that occurs when one is exhausted. The important point here is that they occur without the person being aware of it and it is completely involuntary and you can't control it. Micro-sleeps might be okay if you're sitting at your desk, but if you're behind the wheel...."

Charlene S Natick,




 "Driver safety is paramount, with the nap zappar you can prevent sleeping whilst driving because of fatigue in the USA, Canada and UK. Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving and increase road and driver safety - stop fatigue and dont fall asleep whilst driving. "

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Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving.

"Yes, we received with thanks the 3 units of "No Nap". I had tried the unit in my office and it works fine. When I next drive on the road I will test it. I believed it should help anyone who has dozed off. Best regards"


For INR 350 you can have a safety device that will be a boon for drivers. Here's your chance to save your or s omeone else's life.

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