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How to stay awake while driving
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Driver Safety Device

How to stay awake while driving

Out of the million people that die each year, a large chunk of them fall under the category of drowsy drivers. Drowsy driving is common on highways, owing to the monotony of long roads and hours. Some drivers find it extremely difficult to stay awake while driving at night or afternoon hours.

Road fatalities have become too common nowadays; hence the use of a driver safety device like No-Nap is necessary.

The ideal solution to prevent drowsy driving is to take short breaks in between in the journey. However, No-Nap is recommended for those who need to reach their destination immediately without delays. It is an efficient gadget that helps drivers to stay awake while driving. No Nap is a better solution as compared to consuming caffeine and playing loud music while driving.  

NO NAP with its ergonomic design, sounds a loud, powerful alarm in the driver's ear who is about to nod off to sleep at the wheel. This immediately alerts him. No-Nap is truly a driver safety device, as it has been fruitful in preventing road fatalities.

Buy No-Nap if you value yours and your loved one's life.

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Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving.

"Yes, we received with thanks the 3 units of "No Nap". I had tried the unit in my office and it works fine. When I next drive on the road I will test it. I believed it should help anyone who has dozed off. Best regards"


For INR 450 you can have a safety device that will be a boon for drivers. Here's your chance to save your or s omeone else's life.

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