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No Nap Anti Drowsiness Device
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No Nap Anti Drowsiness Device

Anti Drowsiness Device by The NoNap
Salient Features of NoNap
  • Very light weight
  • Compact and Ergonomically designed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to use and very cost effective
  • Low cost and high reliablity
Testing procedure of NoNAP
  • Switch ON NO NAP
  • Rest on top of your left ear; keep looking straight
  • Nod your head down [buzzer will sound until you look straight]
  • Switch OFF NONAP and keep it in original packing free from dust
Safe Driving Gadgets

NO NAP is worn on the left year. NO NAP can be made active/ on by sliding the switch to ON position and inactive/ off by sliding the switch to OFF position. When the gadget is active and driver's head falls forward due to drowsiness, the intelligent NO NAP will buzz loudly and instantly bring the driver to full concentration.

The gadget gives the alarm at preset angle. The angle can be varied according to requirement. The gravity switch inside the gadget keeps the track of the position of the driver's head.

NO NAP if not in use, the switch should be kept at OFF position.

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Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving.

"Yes, we received with thanks the 3 units of "No Nap". I had tried the unit in my office and it works fine. When I next drive on the road I will test it. I believed it should help anyone who has dozed off. Best regards"


For INR 450 you can have a safety device that will be a boon for drivers. Here's your chance to save your or s omeone else's life.

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